SquareSpace vs. Adobe Portfolio

Site map for my new portfolio site. Nested galleries are not possible with Adobe Portfolio.

My portfolio needed a make over so my first decision was what platform to use. I have used Wordpress and Koken in the past, but as good as Koken is for managing image based portfolios, it has not been upgraded in a year, and the “latest news” is two years old. As powerful as Wordpress is, the layers of complexity to create what I want is to do is daunting. Ironically what I want to do is pretty simple.

SquareSpace gets rave reviews from colleagues that I trust including Pattie Belle Hastings, my department chair at Quinnipiac University. She uses it for Mindful Marks. My initial dive into SquareSpace was positive, but I miss a direct import from Lightroom and it will cost $218 a year for the “business” license.

Since I have an Adobe Creative Cloud license, I get Adobe Portfolio included. Plus there is the added benefit of direct export from Adobe Lightroom, the photo manage/develop tool that I use. My first attempt was good but its limitations became apparent quickly. The most glaring is that you cannot nest a “gallery” into another gallery. I spent two days attempting to make Adobe Portfolio work. Feeling frustrated I attempted my site goals using SquareSpace. In less than one day I was able to do everything I wanted plus able to customize the look and feel. I can even do code injection to override functions.

The disadvantage of SquareSpace is an additional step to import from Lightroom. But it forces me to be selective. The cost is for SquareSpace is worth it: it’s always up-to-date, has online support, has tons of documentation, and does what it has to do very, very well.